Sunday Shopping 44

by - October 25, 2020

Hello, hello! SO excited for this week's Sunday Shopping because of how mixed it is - I found a lot of new arrivals that are more expensive, but well-worth the money. Sometimes I like to pay more for fashion that I really love. Then I also found a lot of good deals....the shirt jackets below are under $30!! Are you loving the shacket trend like I am?! Also the best A&F jammies are on sale this weekend, and they always sell out well before Christmas. In fact, size XXS is already gone in every color. Oh and one last thing - instead of adding shoppable widgets below each photo like I usually do (where you just click a product to shop), I've linked each item individually in text. I prefer the widgets as they're easier, but I've had some issues with them in previous posts. Sometimes they don't load, and you can't see that they're there. Let me know if you have any questions! Enjoy! xoxo


White Cable Sweater

White Ripped Jeans

Pink Beanie

Gray Lace-Up Boots 


Gingerbread Mug

Snowman Mug

Plaid Mug

Oh Snap! Mug


Blazer (save option)

Blazer (splurge option)


Top left: White cardigan, white shorts, white tank

Top Middle: Light Brown Cardigan

Top Right: Pink Cardigan

Bottom Left: Brown Utility Jacket

Bottom Middle: White Cable Sweater

Bottom Right: Cream Sweater


Left: White & Leopard Sweater

Right: Leopard Sweater


Top Left

Top Right

Bottom Left

Bottom Right

Gray Cami / Gray Joggers

Leopard Henley / Leopard Joggers

Pink Cami / Pink Joggers

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