Sunday Shopping 22

by - February 09, 2020

Found lots of great beachwear this week - are you still shopping for winter? Headed to a warmer destination maybe? Let me know if you're ready for spring fashion!

Shop: Chloe Espadrilles / Dupe Espadrilles

Shop: Amazon Blouse

Shop: Amazon Dress in White, Baby Blue, Pink, and Navy

Shop: Medium Ripped, Light Ripped, Dark Wash, Black Ripped, Medium Wash

Shop: Tie Dye Sweatshirt

Shop: Amazon Sweater

Shop: Crochet Blouse, Denim Shorts, Swimsuit, Sandals, Visor

Shop: Blue One-Shoulder, Purple Suit, Black Suit, Tropical Suit

Shop: $126 Pants, $99 Pants, $16 Pants

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