Sunday Shopping

by - September 29, 2019

Hey guys! I have a series called "Sunday Shopping" over on my instastories where I share various items that are on my wishlist or in my cart every Sunday. It's been quite popular the past couple of weeks, so I thought I would introduce it here on the blog as well. I typically choose things that are affordable (like Amazon) and/or on sale! PS - you can follow me on Instagram under "heysweetkay". Here are my picks for this week's round:

Wrap Dress

Lace-Up V-Neck Sweater

Oversized Sweater

Ribbed Cardigan

Puff Sleeve Sweater

Ottoman Stitch Sweater

Leopard Dress

High-Rise Corduroy Skirt

Open-Stitch Cable Chenille Sweater

Colorblock Cardigan

Cozy Cardigan

Leopard Pullover

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