Back to School: Swing Dress & Pink Oxfords

by - August 27, 2019

Suede Oxfords / Leather Crossbody Bag / Hat 

Hey everyone! I'm VERY excited about today's post - I'm partnering with Vionic to feature the most darling suede oxfords. They are a fall staple shoe, so they're versatile and pair well with lots of different outfits. You could wear them with jeans and a plaid blazer, a twill skirt and a chiffon blouse, or with a cutie swing dress, like this $25 one I found at Target (which sadly isn't online yet 😭 so sorry)!

The great thing about this brand is their shoes are made to be incredibly comfortable without sacrificing style. These oxfords have a thick, cushioned arch support as well as a leather footbed, so they're ideal for back-to-school or the workplace. I love how they have ribbon laces - so unique!! As far as sizing, my true size fits perfectly. They do need to be broken in for a few hours, per the recommendation on the website.

I'm playing catch up all day today - we celebrated 3 birthdays last week, and I'm coming out of party mode! And I will be the first to tell you when this dress is available online :) Have a great week xoxo

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