Fourth of July Week in Huntington Beach

by - July 12, 2019

Hello and happy Friday!! I don't have much material for you guys today, except for some iPhone photos from last week at the beach. Huntington is very patriotic when it comes to the Fourth - they celebrate all week long! They had a big parade on the day of July 4th, but we weren't able to make it. We headed down a few days later, and the party was still going' strong. I had never seen that beach so packed before!
Outfit details:

Anyway, just following up home remodeling I was talking about in my last post...we picked a paint color! We actually had the house painted only 2 years ago, but unfortunately our stucco is completely ruined. The painters from a couple of years ago painted over it, but it was cracking and crumbling beyond repair. So, our contractor redid all of it (took several days!) and is finally getting started on the new paint. Can't wait to show you the color!


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