One-Shoulder Gingham Dress

by - June 14, 2019

Happy Friday! This is what I wore to my sister's college graduation a few weeks back - I never got around to dedicating a post to it, so here it is! I'll admit these are not my favorite pictures...the lighting really wasn't great, and my phone camera was glitching. Oh well! The dress is cute, comfortable, and affordable, which is perfect for a summer occasion. I love the fabric that belts around the waist to cinch it tighter. You could even wear it unbelted for a looser fit. It comes in a pink & white too, which you guys know is one of my all-time favorite combos! And let me just tell you....thank the Lord I brought my trusty straw hat because the sun was brutal. We sat in the bleachers directly facing it for about 2.5 hours 🤣

As you may have seen over on my Instastories (@heysweetkay), I've been at Disneyland quiteeeee a bit hahah. It turns out that Disney unexpectedly changed our Deluxe annual pass schedule and blocked out summer, probably because Star Wars Land just opened. We've been really upset because we paid double the price to have access during June, July, and August, and it ended up being a total waste of money! Unfortunately, it's "in the small print" of our contract that they are allowed to add & remove blockout dates for any reason. MAJOR eye roll 🙄

Anyway, I ordered a bunch of new Amazon items for Vegas next week and I'm sooo excited about them!! I can't wait to post up all my content from there - hopefully everything I got will work out haha. Have a great weekend! xoxo

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