Sequins for Christmas

by - December 13, 2018

Hello everyone!! I have missed posting all week - sorry I've been absent since Friday. This week has been really crazy. Last night I set my alarm for Wednesday is Thursday. That's right, I was late for my dental appointment! Hahah anyway, I wanted to blog about sequins today because I think they are the easiest way to look festive and glam at Christmas & New Year's. Here are some things I've got my eye on.....

Short Sequined Skirt - Black - Ladies | H&M US 3 
Short Sequined Skirt
This one is my favorite so far. It's only $25, is the perfect length (not too long, not too short), and the black makes it dressy enough for an evening party. I would pair this with either a dressy blouse or even a plaid shirt in Christmas colors!

Glittery Skirt - Black - Ladies | H&M US 5

I also found this Glittery Skirt in the store the same store other day, and it's stretchy and comes in a few colors. It's under $20 so is perfect if you need a holiday look on a budget!

Sequined Velour Dress - Black - Ladies | H&M US 1

Okay I am pretty sure this Sequined Velour Dress is going to be my NYE dress! All you need are some fabulous shoes and maybe a pink or red lip. I would love it with a red coat too!

Image result for express gradient sequin dress

I particularly like this Sequin Cami Dress because of the gradient black & gold - it's so perfect for New Year's, and I can just see it with a cute pair of heels!

Image result for express sequin stretch leggings

Too cold for a dress? Try these Sequin Stretch Leggings with a white or red sweater....still glam, but nice and warm 😉

Just keeping it short & sweet today. Do you have your Christmas Day outfit? I think I have mine, but I'm not sure yet! Definitely will be sharing. Check back soon for my holiday houndstooth look! xoxo

**EDIT**: a couple of the links are forwarding to the wrong items as of 10/13/18 - it's out of my control. You can use the product images linked below...they should work! <3

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