Christmas Day Outfit

by - December 26, 2018

Hello all!! I wanted to share this with you before the 25th so you'd have some outfit inspo, but it was just so busy in the days leading up to Christmas that I didn't have the time to get this post together. I didn't even take these photos until Christmas Eve haha! Anyway, here are all the details:

Alright first of all, I'm so sad this skirt is sold out. I am obsessed with it - isn't it just exactly what you picture a Christmas skirt to look like?? The length is perfect...short enough to be cute, long enough for church 😉 Also looove the turtleneck. I was looking for a very fitted one, and they are surprisingly hard to find. But this one's nice and soft and a little stretchy as well. Lastly, these Valentino dupes are my new favorite shoes. I have (unfortunately) gotten really into high-end shoes & bags recently. These look a lot like the real deal, but are only $50!

Okay I have a funny story about the shoes! After these photos were taken, I went across the street to Ulta. There was a lady in there with the real version of my shoes, and I felt so silly walking by her in my fake ones! Hahah maybe she didn't even notice - but I totally felt self-conscious in my knock-offs after that.

I am missing Christmas Eve big time. We had our family friends over (who I refer to as my cousins - I grew up with them!) and we had lasagna, salad, fudge, bread pudding, egg nog...ok you get the picture hah. Then we watched Home Alone in our jammies and it was so cozy! I'm really going to miss seeing Christmas lights outside and all the decorations. I've been spending so much time sitting by the tree since it'll be going down soon - at least we have New Year's / My birthday coming up! ❤️

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