St. Augustine, Florida

by - September 21, 2018

St. Augustine is such a hidden gem - you would never know just how charming it is unless you visit. I actually had never heard of it before....I follow Alyson Hayley's blog, and since she talked about it glowingly I thought it'd be worth a trip. While we were headed back to FL from GA, I was looking for things to do and remembered reading about this city. I can't tell you how glad I am that we stopped here!! It was a major highlight of the trip.

This town is the oldest one in the U.S., and its old-fashioned character really won me over. As soon as I spotted it off the highway, I knew I was going to love it - it's just such a pretty place. It's quite small, yet vibrant, and St. George Street is where it's at. That's where you'll find lots of places to eat and shops to visit, plus just walking along the cobblestones and admiring the Spanish-style architecture is a pleasure in itself.

Sadly, we only had two hours there. Between the time it took to get back from Savannah to making it to Orlando, we tried to cram in as much activity as we could. All we really did was get lunch at the BEST pizza place I've ever been to (not exaggerating!) and then pass through some stores, but that's all it took for me to love it. I hope I can go back one day and stay a night or two!

After we left the village area we went to St. Augustine beach, and let me tell you - it did NOT disappoint. It was the best beach we went to, I think ever. I love Malibu and all, but this beach doesn't compare. First of all, it's so clean and the sand is so soft. Second, the water was SO nice and warm! I wanna cry thinking about it! It's just funny because I never go in the ocean at home, except maybe dipping my feet in, because the water is freezing cold. I always thought I didn't like swimming in the sea, but I found myself dying to jump into the water in FL because it's like bathwater. If you're not really a beach person, try this beach - you just might change your mind!

Well, that does it for the last post about the final leg of our trip. I may write up a short post on the last hotel we stayed at in Orlando the night before we left because it was pretty cool, but I haven't decided yet. I feel so sad, but in a warm, happy way somehow, thinking about this trip. It was so special and I really had the greatest time. I love Florida so much....I always tell people that if I ever had to leave CA, that's where I would go.

Anyway, thank you for following along on my travels! I still owe you a post on all the delicious restaurants we visited throughout our trip - keep your eyes peeled :) xoxo

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