Wishlist Wednesday: Home Edition

by - August 01, 2018

Hey there! This week I wanted to switch it up and talk about some items I'm dyyyiinnnggg to get for my house. Interior decorating is one of my favorite hobbies - Pottery Barn is my jam! These are just a few items I've found and would love to order. Enjoy!

1. Jaipur - Eugene Rug

Ugh - I hate how expensive rugs are because I love them! Hahah this one would be perfect for a living room. The color (I like the "Dark Taupe" color) and the pattern are subtle and calming. It's on sale until August 5th.

2. Pottery Barn - Slipcovered Sofa

Two words: Dream couch. I'm obsessed with this look...it's the perfect sofa to sink into and watch a movie with a cozy blanket. And it's sooo pretty too!

3. Pier 1 - Wall Clock

I'm a longtime fan of Fixer Upper, and ever since I saw Joanna decorate with these oversized clocks I've wanted one in the house. This one is exactly what I envision in the kitchen.

4. Pottery Barn - Brookings Floor Lamp

I recently picked up a floor lamp from Costco with my mom, and I would love to get this one too. I think these add such a nice touch to a room - I love to put it near a comfy seat, maybe by a sofa or an easy chair, and read underneath the soft lighting.

5. Target - Glass Outdoor Lantern

I actually already have two of these - one of the largest size and one of the smallest. I arranged them on the hearth under the mantle, but I would like to add one more so I can have some on either side. It might be overkill, but I love the look of these!

6. Wayfair - Pendant Light Fixture

These are super popular lately... I am definitely hopping on the bandwagon. I love how they're not too modern, but definitely different than traditional fixtures.

7. Pottery Barn - Banks Extending Dining Table

We currently have a round table in our kitchen, but I think a rectangle shape would be more well-suited to the space. I love the rustic color & look of this one, and the legs aren't overpoweringly heavy. Would love with some pretty upholstered chairs.

8. Target - Linen Ottoman

We also got a new couch and don't have a coffee table to go with it. Totally in the market for either a coffee table or an ottoman, and I'm really liking the idea of getting an ottoman with a decorative tray atop to hold things like the remotes and coasters.

9. Target - Wicker Basket

I want one of these to store blankets next to the couch. I think they add such a homey touch!

10. Pottery Barn - Mercury Glass Candle Holder

Last but not least, I would really like three or four of these (in different sizes) for the mantle next to the TV. I think they're a really simple, elegant way to dress up the room.

Believe me, this is an extremely condensed version of what I want to get for the house - I could go on and on about home decor! Hah I've found buying things for the house is not very easy, though. Sometimes you have to hunt down exactly what you want, other times you buy something and don't like it and have to return it. Plus, once you start furnishing a room you realize just how much you have to get, and it can be overwhelming! I still haven't finished the final touches on my room, which I redid at the beginning of the year (thinking about doing a post on that!).

That's all for now - my post on 3 CHEESE LASANGE will be live on Friday! xoxo

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