Throwback: Pom-Pom Romper in Vegas

by - July 20, 2018

Aqua Pom-Pom Romper / Street Level Rattan Circle Bag / Sunglasses / Halogen Espadrille Sandal

I was figuring out what to blog about today, and I realized I never shared this little romper I wore in Las Vegas. It's just so cute with the pom-pom details! I actually also used it as a swim coverup because it's so easy to throw on right over your bathing suit. It was on my Wishlist Wednesday a few posts back, and I wound up making the purchase when I saw it in person at Bloomingdale's. I will say that the straps were too long on me by about an inch - I am 5"4.5, so I suppose I'm just too short for the way it was designed. Regardless of the longer straps, I loved wearing it! So so cute and summery.

Today I was all over town, from Malibu to Santa Monica, and it was so busy! I tend to avoid Third Street Promenade in the summer because it is just a madhouse; the amount of tourists gets a little overwhelming. It's hard to drive, park, or even walk through the crowds. I did get to stop in to the King's Head pub for some take-away pastries - it's one of my mom's and my favorite stores there. Totally stop in to the pub shop if you ever find yourself in the area! But anyway...I'm off to catch up with the pugs & enjoy a round of Judge Judy episodes. Tell me I'm not the only one obsessed with law enforcement shows!! Hahah alrighty - thanks for stopping by xoxo

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