Wishlist Wednesday

by - June 20, 2018

1. Rainbow Stripe Romper

This one is definitely a favorite of mine because 1. from reviews I've heard and read, it fits really well, 2. the bow in the back! and 3. it's $44. I typically find pieces like this from a store like Nordstrom to be much more expensive, so I think this is a great find. So fun for summer, too!

2. Jeffrey Campbell - Atone Sandal

I am always on the hunt for new sandals, esp this time of year. The kind that are really easy to slide on and off, are great in hot weather, and are super cute. I'm particularly drawn to these cause of the little bowties....I haven't seen other shoes quite like these before!

3. Etsy - Champagne Rose Gold Marble MacBook Case

So, my poor computer has a bunch of dents. It's fallen off the couch at least twice now - tragic, I know. I really need to invest in a good case for it, but I want one that looks more like an accessory than a protective cover. I hear this one is really pretty + looks to do a good job of keeping your laptop
safe! It comes with a keyboard cover, too.

4. J. Crew - Seersucker Apron Dress

Obsessed with seersucker! And this one also has the CUTEST bow back. I just ordered this so I'll let you know how it works out.

5. H&M - Embroidered Dress

How pretty would this be for summer? It comes in white and light blue...I think I prefer the white. Really love this one!

6. Soludos - Lace-Up Espadrille Sandal

I have wanted these for a couple of years now. I rediscovered them this year and am dying for a pair! I have these Soludos espadrille sneakers, and they are one of my favorite pairs of shoes.

7. Donna Karan - 'Cashmere Mist' Deodorant

I know what you're thinking - deodorant? On a....wishlist..? It sounds weird but I have heard about this product time and time again! I really want to try it some day but I can't bring myself to spend like $30 on deodorant hah.

8. BaubleBar - Flower Drop Earrings

I've been trying to up my game in the earrings department. For most of my life, I've had really sensitive skin and could only wear jewelry that was 18K gold or higher - sometimes even 18K bothered me! As you can imagine, I don't exactly have a plethora of earrings. I guess I've been able to tolerate cheaper jewelry more recently because I wore a non-gold pair and was okay for most of the day. I'd love to try a pair like these because they're so pretty and really add to an outfit.

9. Madewell - Summer Ryder Cardigan

I've always had a problem habit of buying too many sweaters. I just love them! This one would be so nice for summer. I always bring a sweater with me, even in the heat, because I tend to get cold inside places that have the A/C blasting.

10. Topshop - Denim Mom Shorts

True: I am in desperate need of white denim shorts. I consider them a summer staple, and the ones I have from last year aren't gonna work for me these year. Need!

It's funny how each week I come across so many things that I want! I find myself noticing clothes, makeup products, etc on other people so frequently that sometimes I have to write all of it down so I don't lose track of it by the time I get to this post! Well this past week was nothing short of packed with new items for my wishlist. All the "new arrivals" emails in my inbox certainly don't help 🤪

That's all for today! Talk to you soon xoxo

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