Wishlist Wednesday

by - June 13, 2018

The days are just flying by! I feel like it's only been a couple of days since last week's Wishlist Wednesday. I 'm currently in the market for some items to bring on our summer trip to the South in August (!!!).....right now I'm thinking about accessories. Hats, sunglasses, bags, and shoes are some things that I really need. Here are some of the things I'm interested in:

1. Delsey - Chalet Plus Hardside Spinner Suitcase

Is it bad that I chose this luggage cause it's pretty? Hahah. Well okay, that's not the only reason. First, I need a hardshell suitcase with 4 gliding wheels that also has great storage and is really durable. This one seems to have all that and more. It's not too budget-friendly, though - it might be staying on my wishlist! It's on sale for $199 through June 13th.

2. Ray-Ban - Polarized Erika Sunglasses

I've never splurged on a pair of sunglasses before. Part of this is because I have a terrible habit of misplacing, losing, and scratching them....I've never been good about keeping them tucked away in a case in my purse. I usually just buy a cheap pair here and there because I know they aren't going to last. However! I would totally like to have a really nice pair for my trip. I love the style, shape, and color of this pair. These are on sale for $128 through 6/13, too. Also found them on sale here and full price here.

3. Brixton - Straw Hat

I've seen this hat on one of my favorite bloggers (Caitlin of Southern Curls and Pearls), and it's something I really want to bring on my trip! I haven't decided if I'm willing to spend close to $50 for a hat, though. I just ordered this similar hat (it's on sale for $17!), but I'm going to see how it is cause the reviews said it runs big.

4. Billabong - Romance Maxi Dress

I can picture wearing this dress to a nice lunch or dinner in Charleston - the ruffles seem to fit the southern charm! Or even just for a nice summer day, a beach day, or a weekend dinner.

5. Everleigh - Tie Waist Cotton Maxi Dress

This one reminds me so much of something you might see in the south, too. I would go with the "Green Stripe" color, I think. Plus it's cotton, which would be great in the heat.

6. Street Level - Woven Box Crossbody

I'm dying to get this not just for the trip, but for summer too! I love the look of it and the size is perfect - I can't carry a huge bag around all day or my shoulders and neck start to hurt. I found this almost identical one that I love just as much.

7. Free People - Heart Charger Keychain

How cute is this on-the-go charger for your phone? I totally wanna get one - just wondering how good of a charge it would give your phone.

8. Addict Lip Sugar Scrub

I'm so interested in this product because it's a lip color and a scrub in one. I love glosses that exfoliate because I feel like I constantly have dry lips. This one might be worth the money because it's like a two-for-one, rather than buying a scrub and a lip color separately. Also found it here.

That just about does it for today :) I'm working on a couple of posts today that should be up this week. I hurt my neck pretty bad yesterday - I think it has to do with the car accident I got in a couple of weeks ago. Which I forgot to post about! Haha. Our car got hit not once, not twice, but THREE times in the month of May!! The first time an elderly lady swung too wide and clocked our bumper, and the other two times we were backed into. The second time we were backed into, the guy who hit us really really rammed our car and dislodged our whole bumper - and part of my back, I'm pretty sure. Seriously though! It's been hurting since then. Did I mention he didn't have insurance either?  Anyway, we're working on getting the car fixed and then we get a rental car - yay!!

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