My Graduation Party

by - June 04, 2018

My party was 9 days ago....where did the week go?! I meant to post about this so much sooner! In my head I thought I would have all this down time the days following the party, but things came up every day and time flew by. Anyway, the party was SO much fun. I got to catch up with a bunch of friends and family who I hadn't seen in a while, some in years, and I really enjoyed celebrating with them. It's funny - the day of the party was completely nuts. I wound up having a ton of things left to do to prepare in just a few short hours. Plus, one of my best friends (in the pics below) was also having her graduation party that same day, but a couple of hours before mine! I was majorly rushing to get everything done and get to her party, too. But it all worked out! Here are some of the photos + a video of the party :)

Erin was my 7th grade buddy when I was a kindergartener....crazy right!?
One of the most important things to me for this party was to make it super, super Pinterest-y, lol! I am all about small touches and little details that make events really special. In the weeks before the party, I searched Pinterest high and low for cute ideas. My favorites included diploma napkins, which are a simple, inexpensive, and easy way to add an adorable touch to a basic item! You just tie some black ribbon, or even crepe paper, around rolled up white napkins, and it dresses them up in the cutest way. (You can see the ones I made on the far right in the first picture)

I also LOVED this one idea of having a candy bar (kind of like a cookie bar). This one picture I saw really inspired me with the decorative play on words, and I recreated it with these little silver tins/pots from the 99 cent store. It turned out perfectly!

I also really liked these ideas for snacks, which were rainbow fruit skewers and diploma cookies. For the skewers, you just place a red grape, a blueberry, a green grape, a piece of cantaloup, a piece of pineapple, and half a strawberry. You could even mix it up and do a raspberry instead of a red grape or watermelon instead of strawberry! The diploma cookies were pirouette cookies with blue ribbon tied around them. Those things are addicting! Lastly, I gave everyone a parting gift of a chocolate chip cookie in an individual party bag with a label attached by ribbon that read "thank you" on one side and "you're one smart cookie!" on the other! Wishhhh I had taken up close photos of those :( You can sort of see them in the basket at the back of the table in the picture below. (PS - shoutout to my mom and sister who helped me bag and tie 60 cookies and wrap ribbon around the pirouette you guys!)

Costco cake with my school colors! (My fav cakes lol)

One of the last things I saw on Pinterest was a presentation of pictures of yourself from each grade. I found the cutest labels from Staples that you could string together and hang, and it worked out so well for all my grade school photos! I actually forgot all about this idea until the day of my party, so I rushed to put it together....unfortunately I didn't get to post my high school graduation photo, and I couldn't find my kindergarten photo haha.

We ordered catering from one of my favorite restaurants, Buca di Beppo, and it was soooo so yummy. Highly recommend! We got two trays of pasta and a tray of chicken parmesan, which was enough for the 40-50 people we had come over. Although, I would not suggest ordering the spaghetti with marinara - it wasn't the best. Definitely order the rigatoni with Rosa sauce, though (we order ours not spicy/no red pepper)....ugh, I still think about this one several times a week! Lol. The chicken was super good, too.

The party went by so fast, I had such a good time with everyone. I really regret not taking pictures of the decor before hand, but luckily I have a few good ones. I'm so sad graduation and all the celebrating is over! Now comes the scary part - figuring out what to do next. Yikes! hahah. Also, my party outfit is linked below. <3

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