New Breakfast Spot + Mini IG Recap

by - May 07, 2018

I was really excited, I swear! Hahaha

Anyone else eating leftover Chinese food and online shopping instead of working on assignments due at midnight? Hopefully it's not just me (😬 ) It's been a long week and it's only Monday...yikes! I had a final today plus a million other things sorry for the lack of posts. Anyhoo, we picked my sister up from a quick trip to Texas this weekend from the airport in Burbank, and afterwards we wanted to get breakfast. I know Burbank is full of little gems when it comes to places to eat, and I sure found one of em! It's a place called Another Broken Egg Cafe. I was looking around on Google Maps for a nearby breakfast place, and as soon as I saw the menu + pictures on their website I knew I wanted to try it.

When you walk in, there are hand-made clay mugs hanging all over...super cute! I shared the eggs Benedict and an order of French toast with my mom, and my sister also got the eggs Benedict. They were so so good!! The eggs were cooked's not easy to find a place that does poached eggs right. My dad got this really cool dish called waffle sliders (I think?) can't find it on the online menu, but it was an omelette with bacon in between two waffles! YUM. I'm dying to go back again and try peach cobbler pancakes and the chicken and waffles. I wish I had gotten a hot chocolate to go with my breakfast, time for sure.

On another note these are my recent two Instagram photos (my IG is @heysweetkay). I've been wanting to post more than every couple of days, but school has taken over my life this month!

Distressed Denim Shorts / Adidas Superstars / Linen-Blend Boyfriend Tee / Straw Bag (on sale!)

I got my yellow t-shirt from when it was on sale for $10 (you may remember it from my Wishlist Wednesday post). It's sooo the relaxed fit & the pocket. I wanna get another color!

This peplum top I wore to lunch on Saturday is adorable - really light for spring/summer too. My bag is Kate Spade, but last year, so I couldn't find a link.

Tomorrow I have another ceremony to attend. It turns out I made the top 10% of my class, and there is an Exceptional Seniors Awards tomorrow on campus! You know I'll be posting pics ;)

Love, K

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