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Well - it's officially over! My B.A. is complete!! It still hasn't really sunken in that I am totally done with school. I've been thinking about and planning graduation for the past several months, it's too weird for me to wrap my head around the fact that it came and went as quickly as it did. It was such a wonderful day and unlike what I had imagined it to be. For starters, it ended up being cold and drizzling rather than warm and sunny. I was afraid we would all be sweltering outside, but we got all wet instead, lol!

CSUN had 7 total graduations. Mine wound up being on a Monday at 8am...which meant I had to arrive no later than 7am....yikes!! Yep - this night owl had to get up and get ready at 5:30 in the morning. It was honestly painful, haha. I got to school in my full regalia - two stoles, a set of cords, my honor society pin, my honors medallion, and a double orchid lei - and had to stand in heels in the grass for an hour in line. Notttt that comfortable haha. All graduates had to wait outside of the seating area, which accommodated 10,000 grads & guests, prior to the beginning. Even though it was cold and damp out, I ran into a bunch of friends and professors, and it was so nice to catch up and congratulate each other. The picture below is where we were standing before the ceremony began.

The ceremony itself lasted about 2.5 hours. It felt as long as it sounds! Haha. They started off with an introduction/congratulatory speech from the campus president, next they recognized a few students for special honors, and a few other things happened before the graduates were called to the stage. I was in the college of Health & Human Development, which includes 5 different schools. I think there were about 2,500 of us grads all together. My school was second to go up, and they had us go to the stage row by row. I started getting super nervous, and my classmates all around me started saying they were suddenly getting nervous, too! I heard, "Will the department of Child and Adolescent Development please stand" and in my head I was like, "Here we go! It's happening!!".

We walked toward the stage, and we were each handed a degree folder before going up. They practically shoved us on stage - no wait...they literally shoved us on stage! They had people pushing us from each spot to the next to keep the line going as fast as possible. All I remember is they kept yelling at us, "KEEP MOVING!!" as we stopped for a split second to have our pictures taken in three different spots. I handed my phonetic name card to the announcer, shook someone's hand (a school official of some sort), heard my full name on the loud speaker & family screaming from the stands, shook the president's hand, shook the chancellor's hand, and hugged one of my professors on the way back to my seat. And just like that, I graduated!

From there, I waited about another 45 minutes for the rest of the graduates to go up. Lots of sitting! Luckily I was sitting right next to someone who brought their dog, haha! I don't wanna go into much detail, but another one of my classmates had gotten drunk that morning and spent the whole first part of the ceremony screaming at the top of her lungs, followed by throwing up the rest of the time. So while I was sitting there all that time, a few of us were trying to help her clean up and feel better. Not what I anticipated, but hey it was graduation day and I was still pumped!

We have a tradition of throwing a rose to the Matador statue after completing a big step/event

Our department chair, Dr. Wakefield, snuck up behind us while we were taking a picture, and then we took a pic all together!

Dr. Williams - Family & Consumer Sciences (it was almost my minor - I was short by 2 classes!)

After lots and lotsss of pictures and visiting with my teachers, I stopped by to see my grandma, who lives in a board-and-care, in my full ensemble. I always wanted her to be at my graduation, but since she couldn't make it I brought it to her :D We went to lunch after, and then we headed home to change and load up the car for the Grand Californian Hotel!!!

You can't see my dress in any of the pictures, but I wore this Aqua fit-and-flare dress in the color "medium purple". I just love the lavender color, and it fits like a glove. My shoes are here in the color "taupe", and they look so much like these Steve Madden ones but are $25 compared to $80!

Be sure to check out my next post on my stay at the Grand Californian <3 thanks for reading!

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