Visiting Japangeles

by - March 12, 2018


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I am pleased to report that I have found another super cute eatery. I live for this stuff! I find so much enjoyment in trying new places to eat that are equally as adorable as they are delicious. My sister Megan & I actually stumbled across this place called Honeymee on accident while we were visiting Little Tokyo for a school assignment. We had to tour the Japanese American National Museum, which I had never been to. Surprisingly, it's smaller than it appears on the outside, and there was only one exhibit to look at. Since we ended up touring the museum in its entirety in about 20 mins, we decided to explore the surrounding area. I think I've only been to Little Tokyo once before...I typically don't head in that area because it's really dumpy, quite frankly. Once we went across the street to the little Japanese Village, I was so excited when I turned the corner and Honeymee was right before my eyes! It had been sitting on my list of restaurants & novelty ice cream stores that I want to visit, and I was so happy I got to try it. The entire shop is perfect - it's such a fun place to eat in, I almost didn't care whether or not I liked the ice cream, lol! Luckily, it ended up being really good. The are lots of different menu options; we ordered the Honeymee, which is a cup full of milk ice cream topped with a chip of honeycomb. Just writing about it makes me want to go get is sooo so yummy. The village has a bunch of little shops and stores, so we meandered through those, too. We stopped into Sanrio because we were addicted to Hello Kitty bubblegum as kids and were looking for some...they weren't selling any, but we did find this cute arch covered in flowers. The rest of the village has hanging lanterns and is overall a nice place to take a walk through. That's all for now....spring break is next week! <3

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