5 Ways to Wear a Bandana

by - March 31, 2018

I am so ready for summer! I've been eating breakfast in the backyard the past couple of mornings because the weather has been perfect, and this lemon tree is looking beautiful! I put together this outfit that I've already worn a bunch this week, including my bandana. Bandanas are one of my favorite accessories. The ones I get are pretty affordable - my go-to ones are from Madewell. BTW - Madewell gives additional 15% discount for students! You can style them so many ways - here are my 5 favorite :)

(My outfit details are at the bottom)

  1. As a Headband



For this look, I roll the bandana diagonally from one corner to the opposite corner. I lift all my hair up, then tie it twice on the top of my head in a cute bow. Sometimes they end up looking like bunny ears, lol!


2. Around your Neck


I think this is the way I most frequently wear mine. I just tie it in a knot two times, and it really dresses up my outfit!


3. In your Pony Tail



This would totally look better with really long hair! I still like to wrap my ponytail with a bandana cause I like the look of it. It would look great with a high pony, too. Sometimes I don't even need a regular hairband underneath it if I tie the bandana tight enough.


4. On your Bag



A lot of times if I get tired of having the bandana in my hair or around my neck, I wrap it around my purse instead of putting it away. I think it's a really cool way to accessorize your bag!

5. At the end of a Braid



I interchange this look with a scrunchie at the end of my braid. I got this pack of three scrunchies for less than $3! I love the bandana tied into a bow, too.


My outfit: Madewell Shorts (size down one size) / Espadrille Tennis Sneaker (TTS) / Striped Top (Size S) / Old Forever 21 purse - here is something similar.


Thank you for reading! Happy Easter <3 <3 <3

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