Top Sellers of 2020!

by - January 05, 2021

It's so weird to me that 2020 is over. I feel like it was the longest short year...or something like that. I am definitely ready for a fresh start. One thing I will be carrying over into the new year, however, is our favorites from last year! This post is all about favorites that are not Amazon, though. Amazon favorites will be in the next post! There were just SO many Amazon top sellers that I needed to share those separately.

Not sure if I've mentioned this before, but thanks to business analytics I'm able to see what items had the most clicks. Rest assured, it is 100% anonymous - I have no clue who clicked on items I've posted, and there is no way for me to find out. But luckily I can see which items performed the best, which is what I'm sharing today!

#1 - My Gray Bedroom DresserHoly moly! This is the second year in a row this piece has been the most-clicked item of the year by FAR...about 5x more than anything else. You all have excellent taste ;) Honestly, I couldn't agree more. This dresser is amazing. It's from Walmart and is only $299. I just adore the gray color - it looks so modern, yet rustic at the same time. Love the deep 6 drawers as well. I will say, it's not the easiest to put together, but it's doable. Beware, the price fluctuates with demand - if Walmart notices a particular interest in it at any given point, they hike the price up. I've seen it upwards of $400 before.

#2 - My White Office DeskGREAT NEWS!! This desk is finallyyyy back in stock on Amazon and ON SALE 31% off!!! Gosh it was sold out forever. I actually haven't reposted it in quite some time because it's been unavailable. Like my dresser, it's affordable and I love the look of it. It has gold hardware on the two drawers and legs that form an X from the side. It's a very chic, timeless piece that looks great in an office or a bedroom.

#3 - Kirkland Antique Gold MirrorI'm seeing a home decor pattern here haha! I actually don't own it this one, but it's a great look-a-like for my Anthropologie mirror that is $498 (I got mine on Black Friday for 30% off and it was still an investment). I love the color and detailing on the Kirkland one, and it's only $79. PLUS they always have some type of 15% or 20% off coupon going, so it's even more affordable. If you need some type of statement piece on the wall, this is a great option.

#4 - My Texas House by Orian Runner: I didn't take a picture of this one because the lighting in the hallway isn't good, but I have the same pattern in a 5 x 7 area rug pictured above with my desk and below in the next photo!

This is another item that's always selling out fast, but is actually in stock right now! I keep tabs on it on multiple retailers (which I linked below in case it's gone by the time you read this). Can't say enough good things about it. First of all, it's beautiful. The best part is it's indoor/outdoor and cleans stains just with water. It's pretty resilient when it comes to dirt, but if it gets dirty I'll take it out back and hose it does clean best with a shopvac/powerwasher. Actually, I've just been throwing it (or cramming it 😂) into the washing machine and let it air dry for a few hours.

This is the Bluebonnets style in the color "natural", size 1'11" x 7'6". It's not in stock at other retailers as of today, but if you want to check you can try herehere, and here

#5 - Checkered Tote BagThis is a $49 dupe for the Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag ($1,500+). I don't have the real version, but I will say I really, really love this bag. It's so cute and holds a good amount of items. Plus, I don't stress about ruining it as much because I didn't invest a small fortune on it. For plane trips, I load it up with snacks, a neck pillow, a light blanket, etc. and it's perfect on top of my carry-on luggage. I also bring it in the car if I'm packing a change of clothes or something like that. It looks SO similar to LV!! I just checked, and the white pattern is currently unavailable. I shared this bag anyway because lots of other colors and patterns are in stock, and the white will restock at some point. THIS ONE also looks just like it and is around the same price.

#6 - Star SneakersThese are the BEST Golden Goose dupes ever. True story: one day I went into Nordstrom, and an employee in the shoe department told me, "Nice Golden Goose!" LOL. They look just like the $550+ pair but are $85. Actually, this retailer pretty much has a perpetual 20-30% off site-wide sale - they're 30% off right now with code "HNY2021". Very comfortable, adorable, and go with lots of outfits. I wear them nearly every day of the week. Plus, since they come scuffed I don't worry about getting them dirty.....they're supposed to look that way! I am a size 6 and got a 37.

#7 - My Iron Bed FrameI don't spend a lot on furniture because I change my mind too often. I get tired of the same look after a few of years, so I try to keep costs low in case I want to change something out without feeling guilty! That's why a lot of furniture I buy is from WalmartAmazon, and Home Depot. My bed frame is one of those - it's in the $200 range and has the look of something more expensive. I've had mine for three years now, and I've been very happy it. My exact one is no longer made, but I linked the newest version that looks a lot like it and is the same price.

Here are links to my leopard blanketquiltduvetshams, and 24x24 pillows (that still need covers lol). My room is a work in progress...about 75% finished! Still need a rug, matching night stands, and artwork.

#8 - Target Wicker Basket with HandlesThis basket is a favorite purchase of mine, too! Only $26, great quality, and very pretty. It's a light gray color, which I don't see often. Wicker baskets are usually in the brown color family, so I was really attracted to this one. It's on the smaller side as well, so it fits nicely next to a chair (or in my case - my desk!) 

#9 - Walmart Pink Drinking GlassesI'm so happy you guys like these as much as I do! I loveeeee mine! I got a pack of 4 for $15. They're sturdy, thick glass and are SO pretty! Love the rose color and the scroll detailing on them. I just checked and sadly the 4-pack is sold out, but you can still buy them 1 at a time for $3.94 each. I have seen them restock a few times, so we'll just have to keep an eye out for that 4-pack.

f#10 - Aerie Sherpa Pullover: It's kind of funny that this made the list because I only just posted it in December! But, it definitely got a lot of attention. Whenever I post it in the app, it's the most popular item of the week. It's my absolute favorite thing to wear. Not kidding, I am wearing it as I type this 😂. Even my mom got one. It's light, very soft, and very cozy! It's long enough to wear with leggings. It's on sale 40% off right now and available in most sizes. I have the XS. 
PS - here are the links to my leggings (also a top favorite) that are 40% off, and my pink Adidas shoes. I wear my regular size in both.

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