Amazon Gift Guides 2020

by - December 04, 2020

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I've been spending the past few days formulating these gift guides to get them just right for you all. I've been watching these products all year - I've seen them in various TikTok videos, on friends' stories, etc and have really narrowed down the items that people seem to LOVE. A lot of the products on these guides are things I personally own and use all the time, too.
A quick disclaimer: things on Amazon sell out fast, especially during this time of year. Items may have become available since I made these guides a couple of days ago. Also, Amazon changes prices with if an item is popular, they might raise the price! Didn't want you to be confused if the price I listed is different from the listing on Amazon. One last  quick reminder - I have all of these guides listed in my Amazon Storefront in case you'd ever like to shop that way. 


Popcorn Maker - I have one of these. It makes the BEST popcorn!!

Key Finder - put one of the tags on your keychain, and when you lose your keys press the corresponding color button on the remote. It will make a loud "beep" until you find your keys. Genius!!

Fabric Shaver - I don't know anyone who has one of these and isn't fascinated by it. I have this one and it gets all the pilling off of my clothes, blankets, name it. It works!

Portable Phone Charger - I love the compact size of this one. It plugs right into the bottom of your phone so you can still use your phone easily while it's charging.

Bissell Handheld Vacuum - Super slim cordless vacuum great for quickly cleaning up messes in the car, around a desk, etc.

Home Security camera ($25 or 2/$49) - I have the two pack of's going on my "Top 10 Amazon Purchases of the Year" blog post! They have microphones, night vision, and connect to an app on your phone so you can watch live footage or stored video clips. I use mine to check on the pugs while we're out or if I hear a scary noise in the night hahah.

Rechargeable Lighter - I used to buy those Bic lighters at the store, but they would always run out so fast between lighting candles and fires in the fireplace. This one plugs into a charger just like a cellphone and lights a flame with a push of a button.

Stainless Steel Tumbler - My sister has one and raves about it! It holds ice for DAYS. Also has an anti-spill lid and straw so it won't drip even when tipped upside down. Comes in multiple sizes and colors.


Cold Brew Pitcher ($24) - I loveeee love cold brew! Use this to make your own at home instead of buying a quart of it at the store over and over again.

Dual-Paned Glass Mugs ($28) - for the most aesthetically pleasing coffee ever. Plus, the double glass keeps it hot!

Stainless Steel Straws ($5) - love these for iced coffee, iced tea, water, etc. Great stocking stuffer!

Hyperchiller ($29) - this is on my personal Christmas list. Oh the struggle of waiting for your hot coffee to cool down in the fridge (a couple of hours)....this cools a piping hot cup of coffee almost instantly. Need!!

Mug Warmer ($34) - perfect for all of us working from home stuck at a desk. Set your mug atop this warmer, and it will keep your coffee or tea nice and hot all day long.

Keurig Resuable K-Cup for Coffee Grounds ($8) - This is actually genius and I'm so glad it exists! If there's a type of ground coffee you want but you have a Keurig, this is basically a reusable k-cup. Simply fill the cup with the coffee grounds, and it brews a cup just like with a regular k-cup!

Mug Rack ($16) - love how cute this would look next to the coffee maker. So cute!


Fresh Fruit Ice Cream Maker ($72) - This converts frozen fruit into ice cream...with NO other ingredients! You just put the fruit directing into the mixer, and it makes it into ice cream. Whaattt?!?! If the one I linked is sold out, try this one instead.

Dutch Oven ($44) - I own this myself and love it. I've used it several times and am very pleased with it!! It's excellent quality, honestly not sure how it's under $50. No need to spend $200+ on luxury brands. Mine is the 6 quart.

White Knives ($79 on sale) - I deem thee the "Instagram Knives" lol!! Everyone likes how pretty they look atop a counter. Aside from looks, they are nice and sharp, their handles have a great grip, and they're a great value for under $100 (so I hear).

Meat Defrosting Tray ($24) - Brings totally frozen meat to room temperature in just 1-3 hours. So handy!

Cereal Dispenser ($28) - love how this looks in the pantry or on the kitchen counter. Great storage solution for cereal!

Set of Kitchen Tools ($28) - I love this bundle because it has pretty much every tool you need for day-to-day use in the kitchen. Not to mention it's really pretty!

Set of Mixing Bowls ($18) - honestly, who doesn't need new mixing bowls? We had our last set for YEARS until we finally got rid of them. Now we don't have any hahah....I should order these.


Ultimate Snacks Pack ($25) - what teen wouldn't want this?! Snacks upon snacks....I mean even I want one 😂

Ring Light ($42) - making TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube videos is extremely popular these days, especially among teenagers. This right light has an extendable tripod stand with a cell phone holder!

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker ($23) - this is perfect for bringing into the shower, the pool, outback, game night, on a hike - you name it! Has a suction cup if you want to mount it some place.

Splurt! Card Game ($9) - I play this with my friends and it is SO fun (and funny 😂) It's super quick and easy - you lay two cards out (example: one card reads "A pop song" and another reads "that contains an S") and everyone rushes to be the first to call out an answer. 

Laptop Stand ($23) - perfect for long hours spent doing computer work at a table or desk. I should be using one as I right this!

InstaX Mini Camera Bundle ($132) - this little camera takes polaroid fun!! Bundle comes with 3 packs of film, a case, a lens, a photo album, and even more! My teenage family friends love theirs.

Extra Long LIghtnight Cable ($14) - we have a few of these in my house and they're awesome!! Sturdy and 6 ft. long...perfect for sitting on your phone from your bed or the couch 😉  


Star Print PJs - 

Instax Printer ($119) - (If that color is sold out, try this one) Download an app and print photos directly from your phone with this printer.  You can also edit photos with writing, or doctor them up with decals. Such a fun gift!

Satin Pillowcase Set ($42) - I have this set and have been using it for months. It comes with a pillowcase, sleeping eye mask, and a scrunchie. The satin is easier on my hair and skin than regular cotton or microfiber materials. Plus, the blush leopard pattern is really pretty!

Time Stamped Water Bottle ($16) - *This is on a lightnight deal today for $12!* keep track of your daily water intake by using the time stamps on the bottle. It shows how much water you've drank by what time...this will definitely help you drink more water!

Capri Blue Volcano Candle ($32) - trust me on this cannot go wrong with this for a gift! It smells SO good. Best candles ever. I have 5+ in my house!

Slippers ($19) - my mom & I both have these and LOVE them. We've even washed AND dried them, and they came out even fluffier than before. I am a size 6 and ordered a M.

Makeup Travel Case ($26) - I have this in black! It's sooo so good. You can adjust the compartments to fit whatever cosmetics you need to store. You can hold it any which way and your products inside will stay in place and won't spill. One of my best amazon purchases!

Fuzzy Cardigan ($66) - two words....fuzzy cardigan. Need I say more?

Star Print Pink Pajamas ($40) - these look so cute and comfy! Everyone loves new jammies for Christmas.


Ring Doorbell with Peephole ($129) - We LOVE our ring doorbell! It records sound and motion. Great for communicating with people who come to the door while you're not home.

Security Camera ($25) - I mentioned this in the Gifts for Everyone guide. Guys love gadgets like this!

Popcorn Set ($23) - What a cool gift right?? Love the seasonings. I make something like this for my friends at game night, and they LOVE the seasoning! Especially the guys!

Coup Game ($11) - My friend's boyfriend brought this to our weekly game night - it's a fun game for everyone, but guys especially. It's basically a game of assassins who try to kill each other while avoiding getting killed! ;)

Massage Gun ($129) - This is currently on sale plus an extra $15 off coupon (be sure to check the coupon box!) I've heard these are great for deep tissue massages.

Workout Bar ($26) - Almost every guy I know has one of these. Boys love them for some reason! One of those gifts you can't go wrong with.

Charging Dock ($25) - We got this for my dad a couple of years back, and he still uses it every single day. It's an all-in-one charging station for your iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch! 

Hook & Ring Target Game ($18) - Another game that seemingly all guys think is great. Perfect gift for next to the grill, in the mancave, or maybe in the garage!

Floating World Map ($59) - You can piece this map together like a puzzle and put on the wall like artwork. Fun to put together and is a nice masculine decoration!

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