Summer Roadtrip to Scottsdale, AZ

by - August 19, 2019

Rainbow Stripe Dress ($18) / Straw Hat / Rattan Earrings / Espadrille Sandals 
Greetings, gals! Today I'm recapping my most recent trip to Scottsdale, specifically Paradise Valley, where we went to celebrate my parents' 29th wedding anniversary. It's a section of Arizona with lots of resorts, shopping, and dining, making it a great vacation destination. I really had the best experience, despite the crazy weather. Our first night there was hot and stormy....rain, thunder, and lightning that lasted several hours! Plus, the lowest temperature it ever got down to was 93 degrees (the hottest day was 118). It was pretty weird for us, because in California it cools down to 70s, even 60s, as soon as the sun sets.

Aside from the extreme heat, we had the best time enjoying our resort. We stayed at The Scott Resort,  which has a sort of retro-millennial vibe and is surprisingly affordable, despite its attractive theme. The entire aesthetic is very Instagrammable, if you know what I mean 🤣 The lobby is so cool! I love the little bar they have that leads out to the pool area. They also have a lovely array of seating scattered all over the grounds, including cabanas and an outdoor fire pit. We wanted to roast marshmallows, but our only free night was the night it rained.

One of the fire pits is in the bottom left corner (surrounded by chairs)
My favorite part of this hotel? It's pet friendly!! Our trusted pet sitter was away the same weekend we were, so we decided to find a hotel that could accommodate our pets. We even found car seats for them on Amazon for $15 😂 When you bring a dog, they give you a courtyard room with direct access to grass. We loved having French doors that led out to the outdoors.

Leopard Soft Shorts (on clearance for $13) / Black T-shirt / Slide Sandals /
Felt Hat ($16) / Circle Bag

Things to Do
1. Bike Riding

This was my favorite thing that we did on our trip. Our resort had 5 bikes available for complimentary rental, so we took advantage as often as we could. We made sure to be up bright and early though, because the only time we could ride without it being unbearably hot was before 7am. There are several trails surrounding the resort and the general Scottsdale area, and they are clean, scenic, and lots of fun! Outside of the trails, there are bike lanes among regular traffic that allow you to safely travel from the regular road to the bike paths.

2. Head to the Mall & the Movies

I highly suggest going to see a movie at Fashion Square. Their theater is SO nice, and the scent of popcorn wafting into the mall is more than enough to draw you in. Definitely one of the best things you can do to escape the heat. Plus, the mall has nearly every store you can think of!

3. Visit Old Town

Old Town is a quick 5 minute drive down the street from the Scott Resort. We ventured out there one evening even though it was still hot out. It's really cute! They even have an adorable ice cream parlor, Sugar Bowl, that is still in its original glory from the 50s. I highly recommend exploring Old Town, even if you have to drive through it in your car like my mom and I did (it was WAY too hot to walk) hahah.

We carted the pugs around in this jogging stroller - it folds up nicely, has a basket, cupholders, and zips in the front to keep them contained!
4. EAT
Scottsdale has a booming restaurant lineup, and I wish I'd had more time to try more places. We enjoyed brunch at Breakfast Club (be sure to order the fruit bowl!), which is a trendy spot for all guessed it...breakfast!

White Dress ($19) / Straw Hat / Bracelet

I also enjoyed Postino, which was a convenient two minute walk from our hotel. They only serve small plates and h'ors d'oeuvres, but it ended up being enough for dinner. I love how you can build your own charcuterie board - so delicious btw!! The lighting (or lack thereof) was pretty dim in there, so I could hardly get any photos.

We also gave Texas Roadhouse a try, only because it's something we don't have at home (and we love BBQ). It wasn't anything spectacular - I would compare the food to Chili's level. But it was a really fun, lively place and we had a good time!

The last place we tried was Dutch Bros. I was trying to think of a place to compare it to, but it's totally different from anywhere I know. It's a drive-thru coffee stand, but they sell non-coffee drinks too. Megan and I each got the Bubblegum Frost and it was SO good! We liked it so much that we texted our friends about it (they were near the one in northern CA), and they tried it and loved it too. They were so nice and actually comped our entire order after they found out it was our first time trying it.

Oh, and can't forget the Sprinkles cupcake shop across the street from Fashion Square. Even though we have those here at home, I never get tired of that cupcake ATM haha.

5. Enjoy the Resort

Ordered house-made granola from the Canal Club one morning

Swimsuit (only $16) / Coverup / Similar Straw Tote / Sunglasses

Our resort had a two pools, one of which was a beach entry pool, which we swam in a TON. They're heated, but still cool enough to be refreshing. It also had a spa, a fitness center, and a fun restaurant, the Canal Club, that even hosts game nights and Tiki parties throughout the week. I loved spending time there, as the grounds were tranquil and allowed for much needed relaxation.

Overall, I highly recommend visiting Scottsdale. It's not too far if you're coming from CA (5-6 hours), and it's a really fun place to get away from it all. I would love to go back, maybe when it's cooler!

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