Polka Dot Dress: Designer vs. Dupe

by - August 07, 2019

This post is a few days overdue, as you may know if you follow me over on Instagram. I mentioned in Friday's post that I would be publishing this that night, but I got too preoccupied getting ready for my Arizona trip. Nonetheless, here it is! I'm comparing two dresses side-by-side because they look almost exactly alike, only they're priced totally differently. One is from Shein, and the other is from Revolve. I happen to love both for different reasons...read below for the deets:

This pink dress is from Shein. You can read a more in-depth review of it in my last post (read it here), but overall I'm very pleased with it. It's feminine, adorable, and just $16.

This purple one is the one from Revolve by the designer Tula Rosa. It was originally priced at $168, and I had admired it for the past couple of years. It went on sale recently for $42, so I grabbed it! 

Here's the verdict: the main difference between the two is the fabric. The Tula Rosa dress is definitely made with higher quality material. It's slightly heavier and sturdier in contrast with the lightweight, somewhat flimsy feel of the Shein dress. With that said, I actually do prefer the fit of the Shein dress...it fits me best. I ordered the XXS in the Revolve dress, and it still feels slightly large. It has a very bouncy, flouncy fit so that may be part of it. I honestly can't decide which is my favorite, because the purple one is better made but the pink one is a better fit. They are both so cute and reasonably priced though, so I decided just to keep both.

I can't wait to share more from my travels! Scottsdale was SO great - it was my first time there and I loved it. Be back soon! xoxo

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