My Favorite Beauty Products for a Spa Day at Home

by - August 08, 2019

Hi friends!! I'm back today with a round of products that are perfect for a day of R&R at home. After coming home from Arizona, where it's extremely hot and dry, I found my skin really needed a refresh. Luckily when I got home, my new face mask had come in the mail. It's from a company called Model Off Duty Beauty - they contacted me via Instagram, and I'm so glad because their products are fantastic. They're cruelty-free, vegan, and organic, which I's really nice to use cosmetics without having to worry about harmful toxins! The one I got is the Brightening Reset Mask, which is just what I needed after being in the desert.

It's made with organic pineapple, papaya, and aloe extract as well as glycolic acid - even the ingredients make it sound revitalizing. I have very sensitive skin, and this mask gently cleanses without being harsh. It has almost no scent....if anything, it has a hint of aloe which is quite calming. PS - I've listed a discount code for you at the end of this post!

 I love to apply it with a spatula. The one I have is from Glam Glow, but I found these that are all between $3-$10:

On to the next products - this lip mask is another product I've raved about here on the blog. I'm sure you've heard others mention it too, because it is seriously the best thing to ever happen to my lips! I haven't used one lip balm that gives me results as good as this one. I use it both before bed and during the day, and it completely rehydrates my lips and makes them ultra soft. It is rather expensive for a lip product, but it lasts forever...I've had mine for 8 months and have barely used a quarter of it!

These gel eye masks are so nice to have on hand. While I've definitely tried better, higher quality gel patches (like these), these are only $2.99 and make the area underneath my eyes feel renewed.

This hand cream is SO luxurious - it's rich, ultra-hydrating, and has the most refreshing beachy scent. It reminds me of the ocean! It's rather pricey for a lotion, but it takes me several months to use up the whole tube.

These pajamas are so soft and cozy - I found them at Target! I love that the top and bottoms are sold separately so I can mix and match with other jammies and loungewear. I'm sure you've noticed leopard is my fave ☺️ They're a little big on me because they're a size S (I probably need XS).

The last thing I wanted to include is this microfiber cosmetic headband with the cute little bow. It's perfect for applying face masks, makeup, skin cream, or washing your face. It comes with two, a pink and a white, for only $10 on Prime!

Anyway, I'm off to Costco and pretty much every other grocery store because our house is empty following our trip haha. And don't forget, be sure to use my code "CLEANMODBEAUTY" for 15% off your purchase at!

Thanks to Model Off Duty Beauty for collaborating with One Fine Day.

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