Poolside at the Disneyland Hotel

by - May 28, 2019

Hello friends!! I'm sorry I wasn't around here last week - I had a lot going on between my sister's graduation, my mom's birthday, going to Disneyland, etc. so I decided to put a brief pause on blogging for a few days. Anyway! As you may have seen from my Instastories, we treated my mom to a stay at the Disneyland hotel for her birthday, and it was a dream come true. It was our first stay there and was the BEST!!

I wanted to jump right in and tell you about the pool...no pun intended 😉 We spent an entire half day out there because the weather was gorgeous - the pool area felt like the ultimate relaxation station. The first day of our stay was freezing (only 60 degrees...the horror! 🤣) but our second day was 75 and sunny. We sat on our chaises, read books, napped, and ordered drinks, snacks, and pineapple dole whip, oh my! Behind me in the first photo of this post is the Tiki Bar, which is a fun little hut where all your drinks and snacks will come from. You can go up there, sit, and enjoy a view of the pool too.

We also went for a swim, and the water felt so smooth and conditioned on my skin because it's actually a saltwater pool. It was very warm too, just like bath water. One thing I love about their pool area is the unlimited towels...the pool crew even periodically offers to swap out your wet towels for dry ones. They also hand you your own bottle of sunblock at the gate, which was great because I forgot to bring some. PS - my swimsuit is HERE for only $23.99 and this kimono looks just like mine (mine is from TJ Maxx). I also wore my tried & true sun hat, which was perfect for that day!

Each Disney hotel has a water slide, and the Disneyland Hotel has a monorail slide that happened to be under construction and was scheduled to reopen sometime in May. We hoped it would be ready by the time of our stay on the 23rd-24th, but when we arrived it was still closed. It was pretty disappointing, but they did offer us access to the big slide at the Paradise Pier hotel. So, we planned to head over there after spending some time at our hotel pool. While we were hanging out, a lifeguard came around and said, "ATTENTION! THE MONORAIL SLIDE IS NOW OPEN!" It was such a nice surprise for my mom's birthday! You can see the slides (there are actually two) behind me in the photo below.

The slide was so.much.FUN. Even though I was freezing up there! Hahah you have to climb up kind of high to go down the slide, and while you're waiting in line, dripping wet, in just a swimsuit, it gets chilly. I can imagine it feeling great on a 100 degree day, though. Guess I'll have to go back in August hehe.

I'm kicking myself for not taking more photos of the pool area...it didn't occur to me because I was taking tons of video footage instead. I really want to put a whole vlog together from our stay, so I'm piecing together all the clips I took. If you remember a few posts back, I talked about making a Texas vlog. I actually finished it about a month ago but never posted it....I chickened out! Should I post it??

Hope you enjoyed your Memorial Day weekend ❤️ I went to a Greek festival that happens at the Greek Orthodox Church in my town every year....can't beat the food & dancing! Then we celebrated Megan's graduation with family who couldn't make it the week prior. Looking forward to getting back to my usual programming around here with some outfit posts! xoxo

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