3 Pretty Dresses That Didn't Work for Me

by - April 22, 2019

Happy Monday! I'm mailing these three things back, but before I do I want to share them here with you. I'm not posting them up to advise against them....in fact, it's to do the opposite! I actually want to encourage you to order them because they're just perfect for spring & summer. I'll explain more below.

Red Dress Boutique is one of my faaaavorite stores - they have some of the CUTEST things!! Unfortunately the problem is I wear an XS, and they only have a handful of dresses that come in that size. For my past order, I tried to order size S and see if that would work, but sadly they were too big. I think it's important to still share them, because sometimes what doesn't work for me might work for you. PS - these are the sandals I'm wearing in all the photos :)

This first tropical print maxi dress is lightweight, flowy, has a vibrant pattern, and is only $36. I love this one because it looks like a $75 (if not $100) dress from Nordstrom. As you can see, it hung too low on my frame - maybe if I was taller it would've worked out? Also, it seemed to drown me, whereas on the model it doesn't overpower her at all. It comes in this red color, too!

Next is this beautiful turquoise dress with some ruffle detailing and smocking on the top. I almost kept this one despite it being the wrong size because I love the color!! But there was just too much fabric at the waistline, and it ended up making me look frumpy. The smocking part was too wide and loose across my shoulders and torso....I took a photo without the front tied so you could see it better.

Last is actually not a dress, but is this adorable white eyelet romper. I was most excited about this one while I was waiting for my package....I was pretty much devastated when it didn't fit quite right!! Okay, maybe I'm being a little dramatic 😉 I will say that most of the romper fit right, it was just the chest area that was too loose (see closer in the last photo). It was too low-cut on me, and the clasp wasn't high up enough to close it where I wanted it to.

I'm going to place another Red Dress order soon, and this time I'll order my correct size and report back!! xoxo

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