A Day at the Flower Fields

by - March 26, 2019

We took a day trip to Carlsbad on Monday to see the glorious blossoms at the Flower Fields, and it was one of the best things I have ever experienced! It's a garden that has 50 sprawling acres of ranunculus in full bloom. The colors are so brilliant, you can't help but stare (and take LOTS of photos 😉).

When you first walk in, you'll immediately notice the delicate landscaping around the entrance. There are some caged birds and other scenic flowers, but you'll notice off to the left is an explosion of color!! You can take a tractor ride around the whole place, but we opted to explore on foot to see everything up close.

This place is located just on the other side of the highway, so the ocean is in view as you're wandering through the fields. The vibrant blooms in the foreground of the sea is truly a sight for sore eyes. Almost everyone was taking footage of the rows and rows of flowers, and there are plenty of areas carved out so you can be more immersed into the fields for your pictures. Beware: do not set foot past the green tape - you will get yelled at! I only know because I saw it happen to several people hah.

I had wanted to visit the fields for the past couple of years, but never made it due to the distance and the short duration the blooms are available. The flowers are strategically planted to bloom all together between March 1st and May 10, yielding just 10 weeks to observe the extraordinary scene. I also live about two hours away, so I had to really make a point of setting aside time to make it there within the allotted time frame.

Admission is $18 for adults, although, if you have a military member (active or veteran) in your party they admit everyone for the military price of $16. Parking is free and relatively easy to find, granted we were there on a Monday. There's a strawberry stand near the entrance, and the berries are the most delicious ones I've ever tried!! Make sure to get some while you're there. While we're on the subject, do not fall for the lemonade stand, I repeat, no lemonade! It's a cup with filtered water and a slice of lemon...and $7. Haha it didn't even taste that great! All in all, it was SO SO worth it to make the drive and spend the money - there is something so cheerful and uplifting about being surrounded by the blooms.

My dress is from a brand called Aqua that is sold exclusively by Bloomingdales, but it's from last summer. I found one this year from Red Dress Boutique that looks so similar to it, though! PS - details on my stripe sweater outfit will be coming to the blog shortly. I linked all the items in the widget below for now ☺️ xoxo

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