Valentine's Day Picks

by - January 17, 2019

Happy Friday Eve! I am getting sooo excited for Valentine's Day. I love to celebrate with sweets, decorations, and festive clothing....I've always seen it as much more than just a romantic day for couples. I know what you're thinking...."that's what single people say" hahah but it's true! Each year I look forward to all the pink and red hues, from pillows, to coffee mugs, to sweaters whether or not I have a date. Here are some of my faves this year:

Any of these would make great gifts, especially if you're headed to a Galentine's party with your gals. They are all pretty budget-friendly. Last year, I had a "Pal-entines" party with my pals...aka my pugs. Speaking of dogs, this Graphic Valentine's T-Shirt says "My Dog is my Valentine" - need!

Talk to you soon xoxo

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