Recent Finds from Target

by - January 03, 2019

Happy Thursday! Ok still confused about what day it is over here - I need to "reset" on a Monday when there are no upcoming holidays. I spent all day yesterday trying to get back to normal....took the Christmas tree down and most of the decorations, cleaned the whole house, cleaned out the fridge, and went grocery shopping. One of the places my mom and I went to was Target (of course!), and I'm here today to show you some of the scores we got. I'm telling you guys, these were some serious deals. I'm talking 90% off....yes 90!!

**SIDENOTE** - I was able to find most of these items still available online, but they're different prices than what I paid in store.

First, we found this premium Christmas gift wrap marked down from $5 to $0.50. We got most of our paper from Home Goods this year and it was the BEST paper we've ever used - so thick, easy to cut, and really pretty! I did get one roll from Target, but it was not the premium kind and it was very hard to work with (it kept tearing). I saw the premium wrap on clearance and got 3 rolls. How cute are they too?! My favorite is the camel one.

Also found tissue paper, which I used a lot of for all the clothing gifts. Marked down from $3 to $0.30 for each pack!

These adorable gift tags were only thirteen cents. Paid about $4 per pack for these before Christmas, which is a pity because they wind up in the trash with the wrapping paper haha. Got a bunch for next year!

Also found this varsity-style "All the Jingle Ladies" shirt for $1.69, originally $16.99. I got it even though it's an XL because that price was just tooooo good to pass up, and who doesn't like an oversized tee for lounging?

Next is this cute Monogrammed Stocking with a "K" initial on it. I already have a red stocking, but how could I say no for $1.30??

And last but not least, my favorite deal out of all the stuff we got......drumroll please......a $25 men's pajama set for $2.49. When I saw it I was like ??? for real?? I immediately grabbed it for my dad!

I'm tempted to go to another Target and scour the Christmas leftovers section for more deals. Although do I really need more? Definitely not! Hehehe talk to you soon xoxo

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