My Birthday in Beverly Hills

by - January 04, 2019

It's safe to say my birthday was one of the BEST days I have had in a really long time - and I don't say that lightly!! Typically my birthday is...hmm...let's say not so fun haha. Since it's on New Year's Day, at least one of the following usually happens: everyone sleeps in / doesn't want to do much after a long NYE, the places I want to go to are closed, or the weather is bad. This year I don't know what happened, but everything just went so perfectly. I decided I wanted to spend the day in Beverly Hills. Not sure how I got that idea in my head, but I just felt like going I guess haha. It turned out to be one of those days where everything was just like I imagined in my head.

First we went to church at 9am, which we always try to do on our birthdays. Afterwards, I planned on getting my favorite smoothie bowl at this place called Sunlife for breakfast. Luckily they were open, and almost no one was there! They even wrote a cute note on the lid 😊 Once we finished there, I stopped into Ulta across the street and picked up my birthday freebies!

From there, we drove into Beverly Hills via Sunset Blvd - I've taken that way before, but on New Year's the road was relatively free of traffic, the sun was was such a nice drive. We made it to Rodeo Drive and wandered all over the place for a couple of hours. The only snafu in the whole day was the wind. It was SUPER windy haha, but I had a great time regardless.

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If you're ever in Beverly Hills, make sure you go to the slope on the corner of Rodeo and Via Rodeo. It's probably the "spot" you're looking for if you want photos! There were tons of tourists, but every few minutes traffic would clear long enough to get a decent picture without lots of people in the background. I just love it there...the cobblestones, the shops, the decor - I can't wait to go back.

As for lunch, there aren't many options aside from steakhouses and other 5 star restaurants. I was going to dinner later, so I didn't need a huge expensive meal. We decided to leave the immediate area when my dad suggested Mel's Drive-In on Sunset. Thanks, dad, for finding the perfect lunch spot!! They gave me a free t-shirt and slice of cake, and the burgers were sooooo yummy!

I knew I wanted to go to a trendy cafe at some point in the day. I couldn't decide between Alfred Tea Room and Carrera Cafe, but I ultimately chose Alfred's. It was PACKED - I couldn't even move, so I decided to pick another place. For some reason the Beverly Hills Hotel popped into my head. I looked into it before my birthday and saw they had a cafe, but decided against it when I saw the menu ($32 for a waffle haha). There was also a coffee bar place in there too, so we decided to go.

The Beverly Hills Hotel was hands down my favorite part of the day. It was just the greatest experience!! While we were walking around, a concierge passed us by and wished us a happy New Year. My mom told him it was my birthday (thank you mom hehe), and he insisted on taking us to the Cabana Cafe for complimentary champagne! Hardly anyone was there, and we had an unobstructed view of the beautiful pool, pink decor, and swaying palm trees. I just sat there soaking it all was such a treat to enjoy that gorgeous setting. They also brought me a free slice of cake - I felt like a princess!! (sorry some of the photos aren't the greatest was pretty dark at the time)

I ended the day with dinner with family & family friends, then I had some other friends over to my house for birthday cake and Clueless - one of my favorite movies. I said it before and I'll say it again - it was the perfect day!

I cannot wait to go back to Beverly Hills one of these days. It's so nice to just walk around even! Plus the Chanel store was closed on my birthday, so of COURSE I have to go back. Just to browse though - the $5,200 purse I want is going to have to wait (for now 😉!)

Thanks so much for stopping by!! xoxo

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