Old Navy Try-On Haul

by - November 02, 2018

Happy Friday!! Today is all about a few new things I bought from Old Navy, which is a store that I typically only go to for pajamas (they have great PJs). It wasn't until recently that I discovered several things that I really like from there, so if you're in the same boat maybe you'll like these items too! I consider it to be a great place for closet staples, meaning pieces you can wear with lots of different outfits. Anyway, before I start I wanted to mention I am wearing the Madewell Drop-Hem Skinny Jeans in almost every photo. Here we go!

#1. Striped Slub-Knit Tee

I love this white & red striped combo. It works with so many different colors! It looks great under a green utility jacket (I have this one from Old Navy), a navy blue sweater, or underneath a neutral-colored vest like I have in the next picture. This one fits me so well - I like it just as well as the Madewell Long-sleeve Tee that I also have.

#2. Lightweight Quilted Vest

Do I love this vest? Yes! Is it too big on me? Yes :( It's kind of hard to tell in the pictures, but I wish I had ordered an XS petite instead of regular. I may just keep it despite it being too wide. I'm sharing it anyway because it's really great to throw on over some layers. It comes in a bunch of other colors, and this one happened to be my favorite. Love the gold zipper!
Boots: Hunter Original High Gloss Boot in "Graphite"

#3. Lace-Up French-Terry Sweatshirt

The reason I ordered this is because I love the lace-up detail. This is more of a top than a sweatshirt in my opinion. It's super comfy without looking sloppy. The cream color is my favorite, but it was a hard choice between this one and the navy blue color.
Boots: Koolaburra by UGG "Victoria" Tall Boot

#4. Crew-Neck Tee

This is the same shirt as the red & white Striped Slub-Knit Tee, except this is solid black. This fits SO well, I really want to get the other colors it comes in. They were only $8 in store the other day - definitely regret only getting 2!

#5. Plush-Knit Open-Front Sweater

I mentioned this before in my Must-Have Cardigans post (read it here), but this is the sweater for you if you like the Madewell Kent Cardigan. It looks JUST like it but is at least half the cost - sometimes even less since Old Navy has tons of sales & coupons. I went into Madewell the other day, and the employee thought this sweater was an "online exclusive" color haha. It's super cozy and roomy enough for layering, too.

#6. Slub-Knit Tee / #7. Plush Sweater-Knit Boyfriend Cardigan

Ever have a hard time finding the t-shirt that fits just right? This shirt is the one. It fits me perfectly - I want to go back and get one in every color. It's also the perfect length because you can tie a knot in it if you want. I must say my favorite thing about this shirt is the length of the sleeves - they're kinda long, but not too long, which is top priority for me when it comes to t-shirts. It's only $8 and is way better than some tees I've paid $25 for. As for the sweater, this is another cardigan that I love. It's kind of lightweight so it's great for transition weather, and the buttons and boyfriend style are super cute. The "clove" color is perfect for fall!
Boots: Koolaburra by UGG "Victoria" Tall Boot

#8. Micro Performance Fleece 1/4 Zip

Okay, I'll be honest - the main reason I was excited about this was because I ordered it when it was on sale for 8 bucks! I'm in luck because not only was it a great deal, but it's also a great fleece. I walk a lot outdoors, and this is ideal for exercising on a chilly afternoon. I just wish I had ordered two, because my mom got the "Winter Wine" color and it's soooo pretty. It's soft, warm, not too fitted, and lightweight. I paired it with a pair of leggings, and it made for a great athleisure look. (Sorry for the bad lighting - the sun was setting when I took this photo in my room!)

Aaaand that's a wrap :) I hope you had a wonderful Halloween!! I dressed up as a Jurassic Park Ranger and put Zoey and Oliver in dinosaur costumes. They were not happy and only semi-cooperated because I offered them chicken jerky hahah. My dad had a hernia repaired last Friday, so it's been a bit of an "off" few days for us. It turned out to be much larger than his surgeon anticipated, so he still can't really walk even after a week of rest. It's nice to have him home though - I usually hardly see him because he works so much!

Thanks for stopping by....let me know if you are interested in seeing more try-ons! xoxoxo

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