Wishlist Wednesday: COZY Edition!

by - October 10, 2018

Don't these pieces make you want to cuddle up by the fire with a hot cocoa? Or maybe take a trip to the mountains and enjoy the snow from inside a warm cabin?! They sure make me want to! I'm dying for this chunky knit sweater by Topshop - it's everything I want for a cozy outfit. And the pom-pom over-the-knee socks? All the heart eyes 😍 I actually ordered the Victoria boot from Koolaburra (a brand by UGG) for this year because I really want these fur boots, but $200+ is a little steep. These dupes are super cute with the bows up the sides, and they're only $90 (plus I had a coupon hehe). Also, is that not the softest blanket you ever did see? It's got pom-poms, too - need I say more!!

I hope you're enjoying this fall so far!! xoxoxo

PS - everything is linked below ❤️

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