New Luggage & How I Pack

by - August 13, 2018

Greetings, friends! I'm going out of town in just 4 short days from now (yay!) and invested in some quality luggage for my trip. It was about time to get rid of my good 'ol cloth suitcases and find some hardshell ones that can stand the test of time. I found a 3-piece set of Calpak luggage that I just love! Also in this post are some tips & tricks I've learned - scroll down for details :)

I've got in the habit of planning outfits because I'm a notorious over-packer. I tend to change my mind a lot when I get dressed, so I try to organize my clothes ahead of time. I use a clothing rack to help me see exactly what I have & what I'm going to bring. For this trip in particular, it's going to be super hot and humid so I will only need shorts and dresses. But, I am going to bring one pair of jeans and one sweater, just because you never know what might come up with the weather.

If you're a hat lover like I am, you want to make sure your hats keep their shape throughout your travels. If you put your hats on the bottom of your suitcase and then pack all your clothes around them, they won't get misshapen.

Optimizing space when traveling is essential, I think. One way I conserve room in my luggage is by storing socks and underwear inside my hat before I pack everything else. I use the top section of my suitcase to store bags, shoes, etc.

I also like to store other things inside purses I'm bringing. For this trip I'm bringing 4 bags, and I'm packing most of them inside each other.

So far, I'm really liking this luggage because it has SO much storage and also has a combination lock on the side. I use THIS to keep it clean because I know the airport is going to be really hard on it. My luggage set is sold out, but HERE is a really pretty set in rose gold. THIS is very similar to my carry-on size.

I always keep a set of pharmaceuticals in my bag for anything that may come up - allergies, adverse reaction to something you ate, motion sickness, UTI symptoms, snoring (*cough* dad *cough*). A mini first aid kit is really good to have on hand for any minor injuries - this one I got is only 99 cents. The Children's Benadryl is actually useful for adults, and it tastes really good too! I get the Natural Dramamine because the regular one causes drowsiness. Also, the Breathe Right strips are helpful not just for snoring, but for congestion too. I also keep sunblock and Advil on hand, which aren't included in these pics.

Lastly, something I HAVE to have is my Waterpik. I swear by this thing - I had a cavity problem for years (plus two root canals), and once I started using the Waterpik I stopped having dental troubles. It's a water flosser, and it's much more effective than floss. If you get it from Costco, it comes with a travel size one that's super easy to pack.

Doesn't it seem that no matter how thorough you try to be, you always manage to forget something? Hopefully I won't leave behind anything Home Alone level, if ya know what I mean! Haha well - that does it for me. Let me know if you have any tips! xoxo

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