Wishlist Wednesday

by - July 18, 2018

Happy Wednesday :) if you follow lots of blogs like I do, you know that everyone and their mother has posted about the big Nordstrom sale. I haven't shopped it - I'm not sure if I'm ready to buy clothes for fall just yet. The pieces in the sale are, however, just perfect for a wishlist! Not all of the items this week are from the sale, btw.

1. Free People - Saturday Morning Cardigan

Oh my gosh! This cardigan! No kidding, I have had this in my head since I first saw it. The slouchy, knit look is the picture of fall.

2. Goodnight Macaroon - Pink Feather Trim Bathing Suit

I'm picturing wearing this on a beach in South Carolina. How cute is the detailing in the back?

3. Madewell - Off-the-Shoulder Dress

This dress is a combination of great things - the color, the buttons down the front, the length, and the little sleeves. Love it with a pair of white Converse.

4. Le Specs - Cat Eye Sunglasses

If you follow my other WW posts, you know my sunglasses struggle - I tend to lose/damage my pairs fairly quickly, so it's hard for me to invest more than $10 them. This pair is just so cute, though! I love the oversized look, although a lot of times they look waaaay too big for my face. Ha!

5. Splendid - Fae Espadrille Sandal

This shoe comes in 4 colors and I honestly want all of them. Love espadrilles, love the cross strap at the toe, love that they're flat so I can walk around in them easily. Love all around!

6. Brixton - Floppy Wool Hat

Brixton hats are my favorite! This is another piece that would be more suitable for fall. Sure, I could probably mix in into some summer looks, but I can just picture it with some leggings, riding boots, a long sleeve shirt, and a big blanket scarf.

7. Calpak - Murphie Under Seat Carry-On

I recently bought a 3-piece Calpak hardshell set and I really like it - I can't wait to use it! I came across this carry-on online and was thinking how handy it would be. Part of the set I bought includes a carry on, but I think this one would be much more convenient since it's sort of like a backpack. Also found it on sale HERE.

8. Aqua - Striped Ruffle-Hem Skirt

I've been actively looking hunting for a ruffle skirt to bring on my trip. For a day I don't feel like wearing a dress or shorts, I could pair this one with a white cami, wedges, & a straw hat (love THIS ONE too!)

9. Steve Madden - Valery Espadrille Wedge

It's a sad, sad day when these are in my wishlist basket rather than my closet....I'm obsessed with the "Blush" one. I was initially attracted to the "White Patent" color, but once I saw these I wanted them instead!

10. Free People - Down Under Henley

This is probably a stretch considering the weather here - I can't even think about wearing long sleeves in this heat, but I definitely have my eye on this for fall. I loved the Kai henley from last year (granted it was too long on me), and this is a really good follow-up style of that top.

I hope everything is going well for you :) This week has been a little weird for me. I've been struggling coming up with content to post. I love working at my blog! It's pretty much my favorite pastime, but unfortunately writer's block is bound to happen at some point. Plus I haven't bought new clothes in a bit, which means I don't have any fresh pictures to post. Don't be surprised if you see me sporting some of last year's favs! Hahah. My friend & I started a marathon of The Office and I've gotten sooo into it. I tried watching it a while back, and season 1 is just so boring I couldn't get into it. After hearing friends, coworkers, and classmates tell me over and over, "the other seasons are better!", I finally decided to give it another try. Right now I'm only on season 2 so I've got a ways to go! What are your favorite Netflix shows? I'm always looking for suggestions. Anyway - I'll catch you later xoxo

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