Las Vegas Trip & The Bellagio Hotel

by - July 09, 2018

Let's get this week off to a great start with a trip review - they're one of my favorite things to write about! Vegas is a place I love and hate at the same time. It's kind of just dirty, weird, and overall depressing. However, I love the hotels, pools, restaurants, and buffets, so I mainly take trips there just for those.

We haven't been to LV in a couple of years. This time around we chose Bellagio since we've never stayed there before. I love that hotel!! It's beautiful, and the grounds by the pool are just stunning. When we checked-in on Thursday, we found out our room had been given away - this seems to happen a lot in Vegas (it's happened at almost every hotel we've tried). If this ever happens to you, get excited! Because that means it's time for an upgrade!! Yes - we got a suite for our stay and it was fab-u-lous.

Our suite had three bathrooms - one had a sauna shower, and another one had a spa tub with jets. Each bathroom mirror had a TV in it - I watched Wheel of Fortune while doing my hair, hah! The closet also had 2 plush bathrobes, 2 pairs of spa slippers, and a nice hairbrush, plus plenty of space for clothing. The room they moved us to only had one bed, which didn't really work out because there were three of us. My dad's not in these photos, but he was there! And he had to sleep on the couch haha.

The way to Vegas was actually a DISASTER hahah. Our car A/C died halfway there (a 4-hour commute), and the road to Vegas is unbearable without air, to say the least. It was 117 degrees the day of our trip. Anyhow, we had to stop to the nearest Enterprise to rent a car, then park our car in a sketchy hotel parking lot (parking is not allowed at the car rental site). After all that, we didn't arrive at our hotel until about 6 o'clock at night - and we went STRAIGHT to the pool! Or should I say, pools! There are more than 5...I didn't even count them all.

Outside the Bellagio Fountain!
On me: Aqua Rainbow Stripe Midi Dress / Street Level rattan circle bag (similar here) / Nude heels
On my mom: Old Navy Lace-up Swing Dress (in "White Floral") / Reef Sandals

Later that night we went to the Mandalay Bay buffet using our MyVegas rewards. It's a free game that lets you earn real rewards! I am publishing an in-depth post about it this week because it's a lot of useful information that needs its own post. But anyway - we waltzed in totally free (no attached fees or charges) instead of what normally would have cost $32 per person, thanks to our rewards. The food was good, nothing life-changing though. I give it an 7.5/10.

On Friday morning, we got some pastries & coffee from Bellagio's Patisserie (really good) and headed to the pool. The Patisserie is so cool - it has melted chocolate cascading from the ceiling! 


Enjoying pastries & coffee by the pools was one of my favorite mornings. I suggest getting to the pool early - I thought I was sort of early getting out there at 9am, but it was already packed and hard to spot an open chaise. I did find some open tables that were in the midst of a couple of fountain pools and had a lovely view of the courtyard. I could spend all day there!

We spent Friday roaming around, inside though because it was 110 out haha. We ate at our favorite pizza place in the Paris hotel, then went through the shops at the Venetian.

And then came the afternoon...dun dun dun!! Lol!

We did not have a hotel for Friday night - our second night fell through, and we spent all of Friday looking for one. Some NBA event was going on, and every single room was sold out. If one happened to come available, it was around $500. So, we were trying to decide what to do - look for a hotel outside of Vegas? That didn't work out either. We ended up driving allllll the way home, then back to the car rental the next day.

Saturday morning, we got up bright and early and headed back to Enterprise. Truthfully, I only went because I was promised breakfast at Cracker Barrel on the way back heheh. Okay, maybe I was also going for moral support. Anyhow, we dropped off the car, and breakfast was so delicious!!! I've talked on here a few times about my love of poached eggs/eggs Benedict and which places get them right and wrong. Well, this is one of those places that definitely gets them right! Such good food. Plus I loooove sitting outside the restaurant in one of the rocking chairs.

After breakfast, we attempted the 2-hour trek home in are air conditioner-less car......we lasted less than 20 minutes. It. Was. BRUTAL. It was 112 degrees in the middle of the desert, and at least 120 inside the car. Rolling the windows down almost felt worse because the air was so hot it was sickening. So, we ended up at a Target waiting for a Triple A tow truck for 3 hours. When we finally got home, we went inside to an 86 degree house.....the house A/C also broke! All I can do is laugh about it hahah.

So yeah - this past visit to Vegas was not the best. It was rushed and a bit of a fiasco. Nonetheless, I did have a great time at the hotel, the pool, the buffet, and just getting out of town for a minute. I definitely recommend staying at the Bellagio. The Palazzo is still my favorite, but if you're looking to stay at an MGM property I would choose Bellagio or Mandalay Bay. I'll be back soon with that post on how you can earn freebies for Vegas! Thanks for stopping by...xoxo

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