Wishlist Wednesday

by - June 27, 2018

I swear, these Wishlist Wednesdays seem to come so fast. I'm pretty sure I said this last week, but I feel like I just wrote last week's Wishlist Wednesday! The days are just flying by. Anyway, I've been putting this together throughout the week. Every time I saw something I wanted, I added it to this post. I also noticed after I finished this post that I mostly came up with things that have either stripes, pom-poms, or both...lol! I found a lot of goodies this week, so hopefully you'll see something you like, too:

1. Revolve - Cotton Gauze Sarong

I've been obsessed with finding a sarong - I'm looking for something to wear to the pool over a swimsuit. This is my favorite one....the length is perfect, and I love the pink color and the tassels. I would say this is on the pricier side, so I've had my eye out for others like this one and this one that are both around $10.

2.. Madewell - Tie Front Keyhole Cami

Chambray is always so cute - I just love the tie-front on this one. At first I was afraid the top portion wouldn't cover the chest area well enough, but from what I've seen it's actually pretty modest. Also found it here and on the Madewell website in a couple of other colors.

3. Madewell - Canvas Backpack

Okay, pink & white stripes?! Just. So. Cute. I love Madewell's canvas totes and backpacks, and I think this one is my favorite for summer. Found three other colors on the Madewell website and this backpack here.

4. Eliza J - Ruffle Hem Seersucker Dress

I'm so into anything seersucker, which I'm sure I've said before. This one is the perfect length & I love the belt and the skirt.

5. H&M - Patterned Wrap-front Skirt

Dying for something palm print. I saw this dress that I wanted, and I want this skirt just as much!

6. Aqua - Metallic Stripe Midi Dress

I saw this at Bloomingdale's this morning and immediately loved it. It's really so pretty in person - the cut is very flattering, and the metallic color stripes are summery and add something special. PS - it's 30% off right now!

7. Aqua - Embroidered Off-the-Shoulder Top

Did I mention Aqua is one of my favorite brands....ever? I always find at least 10 items from them each time I shop in-store or online. Cutest summer top!

8. BP - Stripe Jumpsuit

Not surprised this is currently all sold out (with the exception of size XL)....I would love to get a summer jumpsuit. I've never owned one, and I think this one is a good place to start. Plus it's only $55.

9. Aqua - Pom-Pom Cold Shoulder Romper

Alright, last Aqua thing I swear. SO cute. Also 30% off.

10. Olivia Burton - Two-Tone Round Bracelet Watch (30mm)

I'm also in the market for a new watch. I saw this one on someone else and thought it was the perfect look. I have super small wrists so I can't wear a watch that's too overpowering, as much as I like the ones with the bigger faces.

I'm still finishing up the Fourth of July post so that will be up on Friday. I listed a couple of dresses in the post that I actually ordered and just received, so I will have to share about sizing & fit! Thanks for reading xoxo

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