Honors Convocation

by - May 15, 2018

Hi friends! :) This past Saturday (May 12th) was the ceremony for all graduates who made honors. My invitation actually came as quite a surprise, because I was originally told I hadn't made the honor roll. When I went to Gradfest and tried to order an honors stole, they said I didn't qualify for one. I hadn't received an invitation to the ceremony, so that meant I was not honors status. I was so, so disappointed....I kept thinking about all the hard work and years of classes I got through only to not make honors in the end. I decided to just forget about it and be happy that I was graduating (*cries internally*)

Fast-forward to the end of April, I randomly checked my email and low and behold....an invitation to the Honors Convocation! I guess it just got sent out late? W/E....I was SO happy and relieved and excited to find out I made honors! My official invitation came in the mail a few days later, and I just felt such a sense of accomplishment - even moreso than for graduating. My official program for the ceremony lists my name as a recipient of the Outstanding Achievement award too, something faculty members must nominate students for. Ahhhh!!!

The day of the ceremony was cold; I ended up wearing jeans with a blazer and riding boots because I would've been freezing in the dress I had originally chosen, lol! The event was totally packed - I think there were 2,500 students in attendance. We had to go through metal detectors/security to get to our seats, and that took a good 20 mins due to the crowds...yuck! We were all anticipating the ceremony to last two hours, because that's what our invitations said (6-8pm). They also included name pronunciation cards for when each of us went on stage and were presented with a medal of recognition.

I still don't know what happened, but they had a speaker, honored 6 scholarship recipients, and then wrapped the whole thing up in a hour. They passed our medals out to us while we were seated! Everyone was looking around like, "Wait....that's it? Is that the end??" hahah. We were all expecting to walk across stage and have our names called! Truth be told, I was not mad about it. I DREAD going up on stage in front of a huge crowd!! I'm seriously nervous for graduation, lol!

One nice thing about this ceremony was I got to experience it with one of my longest, best friends. We graduate on different days, so I was really happy we could experience this together. I went to Gradfest with her, too! We took tons and tons of photos of course, and then after the reception we went to dinner at Buca di Beppo. Have you ever been? Such a fun place! I always order the Apple Gorgonzola salad....it has blue cheese, dried cranberries, and the best dressing.

Up next is my third and final ceremony before graduation. Tonight I am being recognized as one of the top 10% of my graduating class? Can you believe it?!?!! Not really sure what to expect. I've been busy this week finishing up final assignments + planning my graduation party! Soooo excited!

Love, K

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