Springtime at Disneyland

by - April 07, 2018

Disneyland in the spring is one of the best times of the year to be there. Christmastime is great, but sometimes it's hard to be outdoors all day when it's cold! In the spring, they plant the most beautiful flowers, the cherry blossom trees near the castle are blooming, and it's usually warm enough to go on the water rides! I went yesterday for the first time since March 4th (when you're a passholder, that's a loooong time! Lol) and it was so great.






Free People jeans / White V-Neck T-shirt / Similar Disneyland Sweatshirt / Pink Adidas Gazelle sneakers / Circle Charm Necklace





One of the best things to drink while you're there in the spring (or summer) is this new apple juice slushee they sell in Fantasyland. It's over by the Red Rose Tavern cafe, and it's so good I think about it when I'm not there, haha! It's really refreshing and I highly recommend trying one, especially on a warmer day.

I was also SO excited yesterday because I got a new outfit! Well, I got a new Disneyland shirt and Minnie ears. I used to have these sequined ones that are so cute - they were the first pair I bought when I initially got my annual pass 3 years ago. Someone stole them out of the car, and I finally replaced them with a rose gold pair you can only find in the park! They just came out with a new pink color too, which I would also love. My Disneyland Spirit Jersey is definitely a favorite of mine. I thought I wanted the purple color that's linked here, but when I saw the peachy pink one I picked that instead. This Minnie Mouse one is so cute too! I ended up looking ultra pink that day between the ears, the shirt, and my Pink Adidas Gazelles.




[caption id="attachment_241" align="alignnone" width="2730"]fullsizeoutput_1c6 Salted Caramel Brownie Sundae from Ghiradelli in DCA![/caption]


I'm hoping to do a post soon more in depth about what I do in a day at Disneyland and also about my experience with the Maxpass! I've tried it several times and highly suggest getting it. Have a fantastic weekend <3 <3 <3

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