Orange Gingham Top

by - April 23, 2018

Gingham is one of my faaaavorites. I found this smocked top while at the mall the other day and just had to get it - it's only $14! I am not a Forever 21 regular, but they have had some really cute pieces the last couple of months that I just couldn't resist. I don't mind getting a thing or two from there, especially when they resemble clothing from more expensive stores that I like. I got some new shorts that will probably make an appearance on the blog this week :) the shorts in this photo are my favorite ones - I wear them half the week when it's hot!

These photos were taken at 2 different malls, lol! I went to The Oaks, but of course they don't have an Ulta so I had to stop by Simi Valley so I could use my 20% off coupon. Did you get anything from the sale? I got these makeup remover wipes - I wanted to try them because they come with 50, and they were I think $10 or $11 with the sale. I looked into getting these ones instead, but they only come with 30 for $15 ($12 with the sale), so I figured the Clinique ones were a better deal. Plus, the Clinique ones were totally wiped out while the Philosophy ones had plenty in stock - I wondered if that meant something!

Happy Monday everyone - here's to a productive week <3 <3 <3

Love, K

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