Honor Society Induction

by - April 30, 2018

This past Saturday I was officially inducted to the honor society I am part of, the National Society of Leadership and Success. I'm now a lifetime member of the Sigma Alpha Pi chapter, and it's such a relief to have completed all the steps to getting inducted!! I'm so glad I joined. If you've been invited to join and are considering it, I highly recommend it. There is a $90 entrance charge, but it's worth it because it's a one-time fee and the membership is for life. I've really benefitted from it, and it's a great piece to list on your resume.

The ceremony was really nice - it was held in one of the auditoriums we have at my university's student union. After each inductee went up and was recognized as a member, the Society gave everyone a gift that came with a NSLS ΣΑ𝚷 t-shirt, a lanyard, a pin, and a certificate of completion with our names on it. Then they served cupcakes that were soooo good :)

The president of our chapter and me

At lunch!

I celebrated afterwards with lunch at my favorite BBQ restaurant, Wood Ranch! Baby back ribs are my favorite food ever, and Wood Ranch has the best (I've tried a LOT of different places hehe)

On a different note, I wore this striped black and white off-the-shoulder dress and paired it with a blazer. The dress is really cute, but the fabric wrinkles really easily. Love the lightweight, flounce look of it, though. I picked my nude strap sandals to wear with this outfit - mine are dupes for a designer pair. I have been wearing them with all different outfits lately....they're not uncomfortable and they're really cute, too! My straw bag is new...I'm obsessed with straw bags this spring!!

PS - my outfit is linked at the bottom

Striped Mini Dress / Nude Heels / Straw Circle Bag / Similar Blazer (Mine is Last Year Banana Republic)

This week I'm in the final stretch of classes. After this, I just go to school next week for a class potluck and a bunch of different events. I can't believe my academic career is ending - it feels so weird but so good at the same time. I'm so nervous and excited for the end of the semester and graduation - it's all happening so fast. I have something big going on every week, if not every day, in May. Here's to the last day of April!

Happy Monday <3 <3 <3


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