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by - March 16, 2018























Shoes / Leggings / Windbreaker / Pet Stroller also here

We love our pug walks! Wanna know the funniest thing about this (besides the pics of Zoey going wild at the end)? Oliver has never walked so much in his life since we got this stroller. I got it as a Christmas gift for my parents because they love to bring him around town, but he is so stubborn and refuses to walk most of the time! So we found this certain method that gets him walking nearly two miles - we buckle him up in his stroller when we leave the house, and after about 15 minutes he gets tired of being confined and wants to get out. He ends up walking the rest of the way! For the first time in forever I was actually able to loosen the clip on his harness that was stretched all the way out to accommodate his girth....he's on the road to weight loss! Mini pug doesn't normally come because taking her out is like trying to harness 10,000 volts of lightning...but we thought she should join us today. Luckily the pouring rain didn't start until we got home :)

As for the stroller, I plan on investing in one that's better quality one of these days, maybe like this one. This one does the trick, although you get what you pay for. I didn't want to invest a lot in it when I bought it because I wasn't sure that it was going to get a lot of use. It was just under $45 and has held up so far, except for one of the two restraints that Puggy managed to completely rip out when we walked by a stranger he didn't approve of (how embarrassing). He also busted through the closed zipper when we passed a "ferocious" chihuahua....I'm pretty sure the stroller is designed for a smaller dog and not a 30lb pug, but he fits for the most part. The front wheels don't do too well when you run; they start to wobble when pushed at a fast pace. It does have a nice roomy basket that we store our cell phones, waters, jackets, etc. in while we walk. On a 1-10 scale, I would give this one about a 7.

Thanks for stopping by - have a fab weekend <3

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